Fame vs. Artistry

I hate to ask, but for the sake of integrity I have to…

Are you pursuing music for the fame or for the artistry?

I suppose there is nothing wrong with chasing fame, but when questioned about your substance do you have anything to show for it?

Its easy to ride in on a trend, but will you sustain into the next one or just become as irrelevant as the wave you road in on?

I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

Wake Up and Dream [poem]

In the life of go-getters and sinners, I move.
I move through the storm to calm winds
Where pain and perseverance are my only friend.
I seek guidance from the lord, but fall short as I measure the man I am, to him.
It’s not blasphemy; I strive to live a righteous life while I fight for love and peace of mind
In search of wisdom, peace and equality…My family provided a foundation.
As I rebuild my soul, my mind and my body no longer comprehend limitations
I exceeded all expectations, not simply by living another day
But because I refuse to settle for what you may think is me at my best.
I’ve learned to fail gracefully; I take the “L” but don’t lose sight of where I’m trying to be.
No man alive can tell me what’s attainable; I decide.
I pick and chose how to define my being:
I am rhapsodical, uncontainable, unrestrainable
My dreams aren’t conceptualizations, they are destinations.
As my heart palpitates this fluid called passion, far-fetched thoughts become more like actions
Now fathom the thought of me finally grasping these dreams that seem so far from having
I venture down the path less taken and leave all hesitation at the threshold of opportunity.
It’s not luck but blessings that I be where I be, despite the fact that I’m barely legal
See, my words had to be lethal; I got to fight for my people in this land of unequals where we’re seen as illegal.
My brain food is strange fruit; I sip on social justice while scheming on a way to take back the night that we first got enslaved.
Now you’ve caught me in my element, I’m heaven sent for the people.
I was born to do great things; I’m bound to be amazing
My dreams come true, but they don’t come easy…
Then again, all I had to do was wake up and dream!