Sound Business Sense [foto]

Sometimes I wonder if sound business sense can be taught. Can common sense be taught? I’ve heard that the most successful business men have a strong understanding/background in economics. I’ve also heard that many of the most successful business men of today have no college degree.
Thank you Panda Express for believing in me.

THAT was racist! [foto]

So I’ve recently been in the market for a new bank for my company account. A while back I had seen on twitter that someone posted a picture of a Bank of America ad similar to the one on the top right. At first I thought it was all jokes, until I saw the same sign on my way home. It was kinda like Dave Chapelle said, “you don’t even get mad, you just say, ‘that was so racist!'”

It was so blatant. I am just so confused as to who would approved of these in a campaign. There had to of been poster board/mach draw ups that were approved prior to being sent off. It makes you question who is in charge of their PR and marketing, and how do they view their customers, really?

Just for the record, I shot both of the featured pictures.

Sandpaper Hands [fotos]

For Christmas/birthday my mom asked that we get some of my shots developed — so we got them blown up and printed on canvas and hung up in our living room (i’ll show more pictures of the final products later). The goal was to capture a shot of my pops, my sister and myself all in different angles of us playing guitar. This was one of the shots that didn’t make the cut, but I really liked it, so I thought I would share with you.
Today is my moms birthday, happy birthday mom. 🙂

Flash Mob Wedding!

Ever since I saw the Flash Mob episode of Modern Family, I’ve been paying more attention to them. Today on my ride home my co-worker shared this with me — it is pretty dope.