Like Father, Like Son

Strong genes, and seemingly the same shoes.
Its kind of crazy how similar my pops and I are. Similar tendencies, tone of voice and expressions. Only difference would be that I’m a natural lefty — I just learned to do a lot of things right handed because I used his old golf clubs and baseball gloves. Leaving my teens and going into my early twenties one of my part-time jobs was working at lids. I ended up having a hat collection of over 20 LA fitted hats. Come to find out my pops had about the same amount of hats at the same age. There are a lot of other instances my mom likes to point out to me on how history is repeating; such as how we both have a guitar collection consisting of about 4 or 5 each.

I don’t think its a big deal, but when people meet my father they are stunned by how much we look alike — when they meet my grandfather they are speechless.

And to reiterate these genes I was referring to…here’s my a recent picture of my grandfather.

My family is the perfect example of pursuing the “American Dream” in the fact that each generation lived a better life than the previous; and they were able to accomplish more because of sacrifices made to give their children better opportunities. As for myself, it takes a conscious effort to make sure those sacrifices were not made in vein; being aware of my blessings.

People often talk about “failure” as not being an option for them. Failure plays a quintessential role in achieving success. Giving up, however. That is not an option — its unacceptable. 

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